Why is boudoir for everyone?

No matter what your appearance includes, how you identify, or how confident you are already - creating art with your body that makes you feel beautiful is a radical form of self love. Our social-media-saturated society fosters a culture of unrealistic and often racist beauty standards, and we're left to wonder why we feel uncomfortable in our own skin suits. Boudoir photography is a powerful tool against a culture that benefits from belittling our creative, individual expressions of sexuality.

Everyone deserves to feel sexy! Everyone deserves a photo (or a lot of photos) to gaze upon during moments of insecurity and be reminded of their inherent sensual being. This kind of self-love can be difficult to do alone. We want to be the mirrors that help you see yourself - extravagantly, deliciously, erotically - and simply beautifully.

120 film by Sarah

35mm film + starburst filter, by Sarah

120 fiim + rainbow filter, by Sarah

Trust is Everything

As artists that work on both sides of the camera, Emily and Sarah have both had our share of both positive and negative boudoir experiences. In our personal experience, the less-than-great shoots were a result of poor communication and therefore decreased trust and comfortability with the photographer. Being photographed, especially while naked or nearly there, can be vulnerable and intimidating. Feeling uneasy or unsafe often translates into the photos - exactly the opposite of what we want our clients to experience.

A boudoir shoot should be completely under your control! Your outfit(s), your vibe, your setting. Your photographer is there to assist you with posing and artistic edge, not to run the show. Like any healthy relationship, open communication and respect is paramount. It's almost like a delicate dance; moving in synchronous harmony towards a mutual goal - creating beautiful art.

Sarah, by Emily on 35mm film

Emily, by Sarah on 35mm film

What you can expect from the L&E experience

Sarah and Emily are both healthcare professionals in addition to experienced photographers, and are trauma-informed in both specialties. We have worked with humans of all genders & identities. Our focus is YOU and making you feel empowered to voice your opinions, concerns, questions, suggestions, etc. What kind of vibe do you want? What kinds of films or edits if digital is your preference? With your personal life experiences, what can we do specifically to cater to your needs? We'll open the floor to your ideas initially, then add our collaborative suggestions.

During the actual shoot, there will be no physical contact without your explicit verbal consent. Most poses can be described or physically demonstrated by us, but in the rare occasion that we feel we can provide assistance, we will ensure you feel safe in us doing so by stating where and how we intend to touch you if verbal consent is given. Private space will be provided for changing or touching up your look.

The photos we provide to you are then yours. We will not share them publicly on our site or social media unless given written consent in the form of a contract, signed by both parties.

We love what we do so much. There is truly no better feeling for L&E than giving our clients photos that fill them with self-love, confidence, and joy. We hope we can give you all this, and more.



35mm film by Emily

Sarah Wicker

Co-Photographer at L&E

Sarah is both a registered nurse and film photographer, experienced in trauma-informed services. She loves to experiment with all film mediums and development processes, believing that there is so much beauty in capturing a beautiful, fleeting moment with the permanence of film.