Kate Faust

"Emily is an amazingly brilliant creative person, a multi-faceted artist, and one of the kindest and most respectful people to work with. She has such an incredible eye for just the right shot and she's so naturally dreamy... she manages to bring things to life in a way that never ceases to amaze me. She has always made me feel comfortable and even more bold to go out of the box and create something magical. I've had the privilege of her vision shaping how I share my music with the world from press shots, music videos, to album covers and more. She's a creative genius and a deeply loving and respectful human being that I absolutely trust to create whatever brilliance is coming to mind. She's reliable, easy to work with, great with deadlines and being flexible, and she's always up to make magic in the form of art. If you're thinking of working with her, hiring her, collaborating with her... don't think twice! Do it. You'll be overjoyed with what will come of it."

Brian Bruno

"In Front and behind the camera Sarah is very professional and a joy to work with. When we live in a digital world it’s refreshing to see how Sarah mostly one hundred percent focuses on analog photography with touching on Polaroid 120 and 35mm. The way Sarah bounces between the formats is seamless with the subject always at ease.“

Emily See

"Em is a dream to work with. She is someone who, after our first shoot together, I trusted completely behind the camera from that point forward. She helps you feel at ease, gasses you up, and knows how to execute her vision (and yours). Love how she seamlessly guides you from one look to the next, one vision to the next, quick and breezy but never rushed. Her images are ethereal."

Hayley A.

"Emily's artistic talent is unmatched. But it's not only her ability to capture the perfect mood, in the perfect photo, it's her calming disposition and accepting nature that makes working with her something out of a most pleasant dream. Time floats slowly around you when you're with Emily. She has completely transformed the way I feel about myself in photos; she has helped to cultivate a magic space where I am free to experience and explore."

Chris J.

"Emily is without a doubt my favorite photographer in the Philadelphia area. First and foremost, she is a professional from start to finish, and the passion she has for her work shines through at every stage. While I know the quality will always be top-notch, she is also easy to communicate and work with, and is very receptive to the thoughts I had. In a shoot with her, she talked with me through clothing options I had, provided advice, and ultimately decided to shoot with the options I had and pulled out some beautiful moments from that shoot.

Even though Emily specializes in portraits, she worked with me to capture some movement and action in our shots, and some of those proofs were my favorite. There is never a time she puts down the camera when she's shooting; she just keeps going and grabs some of the best moments.

Really, that's what it boils down to. Emily's photos of me captured things in myself that I truly wanted to portray and exude. I felt comfortable being myself and letting that shine through, and she was able to memorialize those moments in time. When I recommend her to friends or admire some of her work, I always say that Emily puts her subjects in the best light, and that is true 100 percent. I can't recommend her highly enough for virtually any photography needs you have!"

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