Humble Brags...

Double exposure film photograph of couple kissing in front of window in Scranton, PA

“We hired Sarah and Emily for our wedding and they completely exceeded our expectations. They traveled two hours to spend the day with us, made us feel so comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera, had such creative and unique ideas and followed through with any ideas and requests we had. We love that offer film, polaroid and digital photography, and even set up a photo booth with props. Our photos are so beautiful, they captured our day perfectly! Thank you so much ladies !! We could not be happier.”

Engagement photograph of two men holding hands and walking dogs in East Falls, Philadelphia

“Fantastic to work with and fantastic photos. Professional and made my fiancé and I feel comfortable working with Emily Townsend. Emily got us highlights of our photos same day so we could include them on our wedding invitations. Truly going above and beyond.
We’ve also used Lilith and Eve/Emily for family portrait sessions and gotten high-quality results. Happy to provide a recommendation to anyone interested in using them!”

Artistic picture of couple sitting on overgrown steps in a backyard of East Falls Philadelphia

“Em is a dream to work with. She is someone who, after our first shoot together, I trusted completely behind the camera from that point forward. She helps you feel at ease, gasses you up, and knows how to execute her vision (and yours). Love how she seamlessly guides you from one look to the next, one vision to the next, quick and breezy but never rushed. Her images are ethereal.”

Femme black man with dreadlocks standing by studio window in Philadelphia PA

“Truly & honestly— I have never felt more taken care of and comfortable in a shoot than I was with Emily & Sarah, it’s about you & you only. I went with 2 friends for a fun all-day photoshoot…….babes……..these are the best pictures that I’ve ever had taken of me in my life. I have & will ALWAYS recommend these queens for any photoshoots!! whether it’s for an engagement, pregnancy, or just for fun shoot the girls EAT breakfast lunch & dinner when it comes to pics. Look at the material babes…..”

Maternity photograph of woman in yellow dress twirling in the sun from the window in Philadelphia

“They are amazing. I felt seen and heard and beautiful! I had a maternity shoot. My pictures came out amazing and I would definitely recommend them! Emily was my photographer and her eye is a gift! Angles, colors, lighting, pure art!”

Portrait of musician leaning against studio window in Philadelphia PA

“Emily is an amazingly brilliant creative person, a multi-faceted artist, and one of the kindest and most respectful people to work with. She has such an incredible eye for just the right shot and she's so naturally dreamy... she manages to bring things to life in a way that never ceases to amaze me. She has always made me feel comfortable and even more bold to go out of the box and create something magical.”

Black and white double exposure of group of women sitting on steps in Philadelphia PA on 35mm film

“In Front and behind the camera Sarah is very professional and a joy to work with. When we live in a digital world it’s refreshing to see how Sarah mostly one hundred percent focuses on analog photography with touching on Polaroid 120 and 35mm. The way Sarah bounces between the formats is seamless with the subject always at ease”

Unique Portrait of woman standing near a bush in West Chester PA

“Emily's artistic talent is unmatched. But it's not only her ability to capture the perfect mood, in the perfect photo, it's her calming disposition and accepting nature that makes working with her something out of a most pleasant dream. Time floats slowly around you when you're with Emily. She has completely transformed the way I feel about myself in photos; she has helped to cultivate a magic space where I am free to experience and explore.”

Family Photograph portrait of a portrait in Philadelphia PA

“My mom died last year somewhat unexpectedly and I had a photoshoot for updated family photos already scheduled. Emily was able to transform a truly heart-rending moment into a cherished memory. 10/10”

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