Em & Sarah

Emily & Sarah

At Lilith & Eve, we are all about dualities. We believe two things can exist at once.

That's why a digital specialist and film specialist united to provide a new type of photography service. A shoot with Emily & Sarah is unique to you! Our images are moody and timeless with a film flare. We are here to gas you up and help you feel authentic and true, candids and vulnerability shine through. Professional wallflowers by nature!

Em (She/Her)

My history as a photographer is long and strong. I've had a camera in my hand consistently since I was 17 years old and quickly fell in love with portraiture.

I like to think of my pictures as visual poems.

In a way, photography exceeds the meaning of a passion for me, as it feels more like an innate part of myself; an extension of feeling and seeing.

I'm a fan of good storytelling in all its forms and that's why my work aims to mimic cinematic themes. I believe that photography is the closest tool we have to stop time.

My photography is meant to inspire. What story do you want to tell?

Sarah (She/They)

Hi! I'm Sarah, a full-time nurse, part-time photographer living and working in Philadelphia. I've been shooting digital intermittently over the years, but really found creative passion in analog photography. Creating a form of permanence out of fleeting moments of beauty is what truly excites me about photography, and I feel the experience is even more enhanced with film. Each frame is special and unique - the light of the moment forever burned into the film negative. Shooting film also allows for the romanticization of imperfections. Grain, light leaks, double exposures, color shifts, etc - all the quirks of film make shooting it feel more human.

Over the last year, I've come to adore shooting portraits and creative concepts. Working with models and other artists almost feels like a dance; an emotive collaboration containing pieces of us both. The joy experienced when both parties enjoy the creative process and outcome is unparalleled!

"Beauty will save the world."

Fyodor Dostoevsky

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