by emily townsend

The Dynamic Duo

Many elements can contribute to a gorgeous wedding: the venue, the photographer, and the florals, just to name a few. As Lilith & Eve is made up of two dynamic individuals in the photography world, we wanted to see how florals and photography can be integrated to portray the uniqueness of your celebration. So, what is the best way to experiment with these new ideas? A mock wedding photoshoot! So, we called upon our creative networks and the result was charming as hell.

By Emily Townsend

The Right Florist

We contacted one of the best florists in the Philadelphia area, Emalee Lally from Bird Seed Florals, and to our delight, she was available to collaborate and achieve a shared vision: combine vintage photography services and Emalee's stunning seasonal pieces. We were in awe of her talent in cultivating a table exuding love and light.

Bird Seed Florals' main arrangement features orchid, tulips, hellebores, lisianthus, chamomile, hyacinth & ranunculus.

by Emily Townsend

Emalee explains her inspiration for this table as "...something that would blend a casual backyard dinner and modern, artistic florals. Soft checkered linen & wooden silverware come together with minimalistic glassware and plates.

Her resources include The Floral Society ceramic ikebana bowl & taper holders with Root Candles "in colors that mimic the citrus." The colors are cohesive and delicate, as Emalee's table made our hearts ache for the spring season and sun.

"...colors that mimic citrus."

"Orchid, tulips, hellebores, lisianthus, chamomile, hyacinth, ranunculus in the main arrangement are pulled down the long table in bud vases. A couple of tiny chamomile flowers are sprinkled on plates to welcome each guest."

By Emily Townsend

By Sarah Wicker

Double Exposures

Sarah Wicker, the Lilith & Eve film photography specialist offers signature portraits: double exposure with flowers. Sarah says by "shooting a full roll of your floral arrangements, then reshooting it with portraits" creates an overlapping effect, unique to your wedding's stylistic choices. This service is specific to Sarah at L&E, as her double exposure photographs also double as a work of art. For our mock photoshoot, we were lucky to photograph our dear friends Izzi & Seamus, check out Sarah's beautiful interpretations below:

By Sarah Wicker

By Sarah Wicker

The Takeaway

Lilith & Eve's goal is to transform wedding photography with the exploration of collaborations. We work with film and digital mediums to create a vintage & retro alternative to traditional wedding photography but rely on the contribution of florists and other creatives to deliver the best results. You may see combined vendor packages in the near future!

In regards to our mock shoot, Emalee puts it elegantly when she concludes, "I love that society is expanding its idea of wedding florals to include edibles, foraged items, and just anything that feels like beautiful, natural art. I love to try to expand on the typical flowers used for a wedding and show couples other options to make it feel unique, like them."

By Emily Townsend

By Sarah Wicker

By Emily Townsend

Co-Photographer at Lilith & Eve

Emily Townsend

Emily has been photographing since she was a tender teenager. Delighting in creating artistic and unique portraits, Emily creates images that speak LOUD. Photography is like a second language to Emily, as she explores the individuality of each person and/or couple who trusts her to capture their own distinctive nature.

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