By Emily Townsend

There is nothing more difficult than shopping for someone who has all the latest gear and gadgets. That is why we created a short list of ten accessories and items that are guaranteed to spark inspiration for any photographer in your life! Happy Shopping :)

We believe in sustainable shopping so there will not be any Amazon links on this list, although some items may be available on Amazon.

1. Dream FX Filter

This filter produces a soft, dreamy effect on images as well as reduces Blemishes and imperfections in skin tones. Although for us, it's selling point is it's velvety smooth outcome that creates a dreamlike aspect difficult to reproduce in post editing. Any photographer can utilize this accessory and change the way their images feel.

Comes in sizes 77mm and 82mm

Starting at $69.00


Photograph by Sarah Wicker

2. Kaleidoscope FX Filter

Remember those badass kaleidoscope toys that fragmented perspective any way you turned it? Peer through the lens and discover a different world with the Kaleidoscope filter! With this accessory, any photographer can transform their images into a trippy universe.

Comes in size 77mm and 82mm

Starting at $69.00


3. Lensbaby OMNI

This creative filter system is THE BOMB. Works with any lens. Create new magic with OMNI! The simple, elegant, and innovative alternative to creating effects through handheld crystals & objects. A photographer can add individuality and artistic flair to their work by shooting through crystals and other objects specifically engineered to create professional and compelling in-camera effects!

Starting at $84.95

Get one HERE from LENSBABY

4. Woven Classic Camera Strap by All Qilin

All Qilin Camera Strap are handmade in Thailand by a passionate love for photography. We start from the beginning from sourcing, selecting until finishing our products. Qilin only uses 100% genuine leather and high quality materials canvas and Cotton Tape carefully crafted in every detail to proudly present you the Camera Strap that your Camera DSLR or Mirror less deserve.

Starting at $29.00

Get one HERE from ETSY

4. Soft Camera Strap by Mophoto

These minimal & unique camera straps are one of a kind. They are hand woven Taiyuan, China and come in a variety of designs. The shop owner also offers customizable straps if customers are looking for a specific color that isn't offered. With solid five stars on Esty, these gorgeous camera straps are bound to brighten a photographer's day!

Starting at $25.00

Get one HERE from ETSY

5. Brevitē Jumper Photo Backpack

The Jumper Backpack is simple, minimal vibe on the outside. Camera protection on the inside. Its minimal design on the outside is perfect for city exploration, with 10 colors to choose from no less! While it’s organizational options on the inside makes it easy to carry any combinations of a DSLR, single lens, drone, or small tripod. With a dedicated sleeve for your laptop and enough space to fit some clothes, this is our new go-to day pack.

Starting at $134.99

Get one HERE from MOMENT

6. Creative Gel Kit

Shooting with color gels allows you to get amazing creative effects that big studios use to add depth to skin tones and cinematic light to shots. The kit comes with Rose Pink, Yellow, and Peacock Blue color gels that attach magnetically to the C1 Plus. You can stack different color gels to make new colors. Stack the blue and yellow for green and the pink and yellow for orange. Each gel gives a different effect, keeping your subject from looking washed out or giving your shot a moody sunset vibe. Perfect for the creative photographer on your gift list!

Starting at $129.00

Get one HERE from MOMENT

7. Camera Planter Pots

Capture the beauty of your favorite floral designs with these camera pots! The detail of these pieces is quite remarkable and the dual pots allow you mix and match endless possibilities.

Starting at $32.40

Get one HERE from ETSY

8. 3D Printed 35mm Film Case

This gorgeous 3D printed film holder can carry up to 5 rolls. Photographers who utilize 35mm in their projects can now keep them safe and organized in a stylish way!

Starting at $14.00


9. Mushroom Photo Stand

Whimsical ceramic mushroom-shaped photo stand, perfect for displaying a favorite memory or photograph! For photographers who use instant cameras or love to print out their favorite images.

Starting at $10.00


10. Experimental Photography Handbook

A perfect gift for the photographer who is ready to explore new avenues and learn new techniques!

"Photography has always been about experimentation, and anyone who thinks the advent of digital imaging might have stopped photographers from inventing new ways to impress their film is in for a big surprise. Experimental Photography presents the most interesting and creative modifications for low-cost film cameras, manual printing techniques and unconventional use of the medium. The book accompanies the reader through the world of photography special effects and manipulations documenting techniques, approaches, experimenters, camera makers and their extraordinary creations. One picture at a time, Experimental Photography compiles a manifesto against visual homogenization."

Starting at $24.99

Get one HERE from ABE BOOKS

Co-Photographer at Lil & Eve

Emily Townsend

Emily has been photographing since she was a tender teenager. Delighting in creating artistic and unique portraits, Emily makes portraits that speak LOUD. Photography is like a second language to Emily, as she explores individuality of each person and/or couple who trusts her to capture their essence & distinctive nature.

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